Chai & Chalisas

  • Living Earth Open Center 5311 Southeast Powell Boulevard Portland, OR, 97206 United States

Join us to sip chai, sing Hanuman Chalisas, and share Hanuman stories to honor his devotion, courage, strength, and compassion and summon up all those qualities in ourselves. It's a perfect way to prepare for the Women's March the next morning, and for whatever else lies ahead. Grounding that way, our actions on Saturday will reflect the best of who we are, along with the playful rascal nature of the Best of All Monkeys.

Chanting and kirtan begin at 7:00 pm. Stop by anytime and join us, or just hang out and have a cup of tea. And if you know the Chalisa, feel free to lead a round.  If you have musical instruments, bring them along. And if you just want to be there, there will be time for conversation once our voices give out! 

Chairs and a few cushions are provided. Bring whatever will help you feel at home.