Love-Justice-Compassion: Challenge for Women and Girls & for Living Earth

Help Love, Justice, Generosity, and Compassion fill our world! 

Two awesome challenges this month can multiply your generosity in two ways. Bottom line: Your investment will be matched to double or triple your support for Living Earth and can also support Planned Parenthood.

Here’s the scoop:

CHALLENGE #1 ~ A double match, for Living Earth and Planned Parenthood.
First-time donors, new pledges& pledge increases:  Your dollars to Living Earth before December 31 (up to $500) will be matched twice. One match will build Living Earth and an equal match will go to Planned Parenthood in your name, to defend women’s reproductive rights.  Jump on this right away, so this $1000 anonymous match can amplify your impact!



CHALLENGE #2 ~ A double match for your investment in Living Earth.
New pledges and first-time donors:  Your dollars for Living Earth will be tripled with this anonymous match to grow Living Earth’s programs and presence, because we are all beautiful when we stand together for justice and love. Yes, yes, yes!!

Give now to help us meet these challenges! Contributions to Living Earth are tax-deductible. Our IRS id is #93-1331068.  Most important, thank you for being awesome and keeping Living Earth strong!

Questions? Contact us now.  We’d love to hear from you!