Mission and Intention

As a community of practice, we address the challenges of contemporary life with offerings that encourage deep reflection on self, meaning, and being. These practices nurture insight and enrich our experience of belonging, connection, and kindness. From here, creative, compassionate, and courageous responses to the world around us emerge, responses that can protect and enhance life on the small blue planet we all share. 


Our Story


In October 1998, Living Earth held our first event – a powerful public evening titled “Educating for Ecological Sustainability,” with acclaimed cultural critic, educator, and author Chet Bowers, PhD. Soon after, we gathered activists and artists across issues and disciplines to celebrate Winter Solstice, sparking an ongoing annual tradition.

For the next three years, a motley, like-hearted group met for book discussions and held workshops to look closely at climate and energy concerns, global and local economics, and ecological issues. The urgency of activism and its frustrating inability to stem the tide of escalating crises led to reflections on the deep roots of disparate problems – roots buried in a flawed human understanding of what it is means to be alive, to survive, and to flourish.

Following the attacks on September 11, 2001, we incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to cultivating deeper understanding of human capacity, community, and possibility, and what it is to be a living, human part of this beautiful living earth.

Our programs encourage reflection on the nature of awareness and the quality of heart that we each bring to our personal, political, and cultural affairs. In doing so, we spark fresh and creative responses to the challenges facing humanity and the planet.

Over the years, our activities have included:

  • Retreats, workshops, and presentations with Ram Dass, Joanna Macy, David Korten, Richard Heinberg, Starhawk, and others;
  • Community workshops and regular retreats for contemplative practice and spiritual reflection, rooted in sanatana dharma and the non-dual wisdom found in enduring traditions across the world;
  • Musical events with Krishna Das, Ty Burhoe, Shubendra Rao, Tribal Caravan, and others;
  • Workshops and presentations on political hegemony and economic globalization; deep democracy; sustainable economies; civil liberties; post-carbon community action; and peacemaking;
  • Book discussion groups and workshops examining cultural ethics and personal values;
  • Community gatherings, seasonal celebrations, potlucks, and picnics;
  • Opportunities for conscious, compassionate social action on peace projects and social initiatives, from caring for the homeless to supporting local food economies and deconstructing racism.

See our current Program Offerings here.