Radio DJ Robyn Shanti's new, online version of The Dharma Wheel, her well-loved KBOO radio show, presents new and vintage political/spiritual/radical folk/rock music and social commentary.

Dharma Wheel





A Portland DJ on KBOO Community Radio for almost 25 years, Robyn came out of retirement this winter "to help us all make it thru the next four years.” As she says, “Music has always been a healing and transformative force in culture. In the 1960s the birth of folk/rock music was a convergence of music, culture, and activism that changed the nation, and the need is just as strong today.”

The Sanskrit term “dharma” represents the natural unfolding of all phenomena. In eastern cultures, dharma also refers to the principles of ethical conduct and right action, living life in accordance with that flow. Robyn noted, “This concept of right action has been the guiding principle behind The Dharma Wheel, to inspire all who continue working towards a more just, sustainable, and compassionate society.”

We're excited that the The Dharma Wheel is turning again. Check it out and let us know what you think!