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Programs and practices to nurture resilient hearts and cultivate peace, justice, beauty, and balance in our lives and in our world.

Living Earth's programs invite reflection and inquiry into what it means to be alive, here and now, in this time. Using a variety of contemplative tools and practices, we find that over time, insight, kindness, creativity, and skill emerge, to compassionately address suffering, injustice, and pain in ourselves, in society, and in the planet itself.

Some of our programs use service as a vehicle of awakening, addressing hunger and need in our community, and speaking to the endless jumbo of love, beauty, grief, loss, and death that we all know are part of living. We support skillful means for facing extremism and confronting racism, climate change, injustice, and other crucial issues. We celebrate together and break bread together, work, laugh, dance, sing, and cherish the complex realm of life. 

      Our Mission and History


Our Programs

Our programs encourage exploration of meaning, life, and self, and support skillful engagement with the challenges of our era. Creative and compassionate actions emerge from that reflection, responses to all the experiences that shape our lives.  

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Get Involved

Join us for meditation and dharma practice. Attend a workshop or retreat. Lend a hand at a service project to ease suffering. Come to a community picnic, potluck, or celebration. Engage in conversations that spark ways to engage with love, creativity, and courage to mend our broken world.

Living Earth participants, volunteers, and members enrich our programs and broaden our capacity and perspective. We welcome contributions in easy monthly pledges, periodic gifts, and annual support, to ensure our programs can flourish. 

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