Taking Heart in Troubled Times with Joanna Macy 

Buddhist scholar, deep ecologist, and author Joanna Macy.

Buddhist scholar, deep ecologist, and author Joanna Macy.

Eco-philosopher, Buddhist scholar, and Rilke translator Joanna Macy, PhD, is a visionary leader in the movements to heal our planet, reignite our interconnected humanity, and chart a meaningful path into the future for our children. The modalities in her "Work That Reconnects" encourage engaged spirituality and activism for the benefit of all beings.

Author and coauthor of more than a dozen books, Joanna has led workshops and trainings around the world in universities and professional settings, in religious and spiritual faith communities, indigenous gatherings and government agencies.  

Joanna is widely recognized for the theoretical framework and eclectic experiential processes she has developed to support a shift toward a more compassionate, creative, and ecocentric awareness of being. In 2013, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Bioneers Foundation. Numerous Vimeo and Youtube clips are available online. 

[Video: Joanna Macy at Bioneers]

[Video: Waking Up in Indra's Net, at Spirit Rock]

 "Learning to See in the Dark," a 2017 interview  by Dahr Jamail

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Doors open at 9 am and the workshop will run 10 am–5 pm. Please arrive by 9:45, so we can begin promptly at 10:00. Complimentary tea and coffee will be available in the foyer until 9:45. Food and beverages other than water should be left outside the dharma hall. There are chairs as well as cushions for floor seating. 

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