Vital Conversations

Conversations on topics that hold both danger and possibility, to inform and inspire us to engage with full hearts.


The political climate of our society threatens many values we hold precious, calling all of us to participate more fully and more skillfully than ever before. Vital Conversations focus on critical topics of our time and challenge us to move out of our comfort zones into creative, effective, social action.

Vital Conversations address topics including racism and systems of oppression; climate change and environmental degradation; the erosion of democratic institutions and principles; and the escalating divisions and conflict in our society.

We envision a world where justice, compassion, creativity, and love are core values. Vital Conversations nourish that vision and incubate that possibility, helping each of us discern where we are pulled to engage, and where can play our most meaningful part.   

Each month, video clips or written articles on the topic will preface our discussion. The topic for each session will be announced in advance.

These conversations consider the impacts of fossil fuels on society and planetary stability, and where we can interrupt the cycle.

Climate Change


We'll examine racism and bias in society and in our own thinking, and consider the social institutions and systems designed to benefit some and exclude or exploit others. 

Bias and Oppression


These discussions focus on structures of governance and representation, and actions to transform them locally, regionally, and nationally to be more open and just. 



Thinking creatively, listening and sharing with open hearts, we'll learn how we can step up to increase justice, peace, and cooperation, and create a future that works for all. 

Creating Change


Upcoming Vital Conversations: