Dharma Offerings

A time and place for contemplative practice and meditation, to look deeply at who we really are. 

The ineffable dharma field underlies, ignites, and permeates all phenomena, from the vastness of the expanding universe to the smallest imaginable thought-form and particle of matter. Its rhythm can be seen in the circling of the planets and stars, in the cycle of the days and seasons, the pattern of our breath, and the beating cadence of every living heart. 

We honor the wisdom of many traditions, from the nonduality of advaita Vedanta and Buddhism to the treasures found in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, indigenous and earth traditions, and in the insights gleaned by poets, philosophers, and mystics of every era.

Chanting, meditation, poetry, instruction, and reflection on teachings soften our mental constructs and illuminate the generous shape of the heart. These practices invite us to experience the boundless consciousness of heart/mind as love, compassion, kindness, wisdom, and joy.  

Dharma Circle

Tuesday evenings, 7-9 pm at Living Earth. We gather to chant, meditate, reflect on dharma teachings, and engage in dialogue. Check our calendar or Facebook page periodically for date changes. 


Beginning Monday January 9, daily practice Monday through Friday, 8:30-9:30 am at Living Earth. Please enter quietly. An opportunity to begin the day with 45 minutes of silent practice, closing with poetry and conversation.

Morning Meditations


Occasional programs to deepen practice. Upcoming this winter: Saturday February 25, 1-4:30 pm, "Lovingkindness, Here and Now." In spring: Saturday April 29, 10 am–4 pm, "Loving, Living, & Dying."

Workshops & Day Retreats


Retreats with Living Earth founder Betsy Toll are offered at Breitenbush Hot Springs each spring and fall. Our upcoming Spring retreat is Lovingkindness: A practice for our time, April 2-5. Visit Breitenbush.com for info and registration. Space is limited; early registration discount before March 1.

Residential Retreats


Occasional afternoon gatherings with food, friendship, and lots of chanting. Upcoming events are posted well in advance. 

Open Heart Satsangs

Upcoming Dharma Circles: