Volunteers & Interns

Living Earth is almost entirely volunteers, so there are many ways to engage. Some tasks require just a little bit of time now and then, while others invite you to roll up your sleeves and dig in for a while. 


Photo Organizing:  Develop a photo filing system for the hundreds of images used in our newsletters, social media sites, outreach materials, and on our website. This is great project for a tech-native student who needs an internship project. Requires: Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and iMac tools, and with archiving principles and protocols. This is great project for a tech-native who needs a community service internship. 

Admin Assistance & Office Projects: Office management assistance, with document organization, coordinating calendars, assisting with board communications, member and email list management, and miscellaneous computer tasks. Come in for a couple of hours every week!  Requires familiarity with iMac navigation and Office Suite programs. 

Grant Research and Writing: Research appropriate funding sources (local, regional, and national foundations, businesses, etc.) and work with staff to develop timely proposals to support specific Living Earth program activities. Work in our office (iMac) or on your own computer. Another internship possibility.

Event Support:  Help out at a Sunday Potluck with setting up, helping things run smoothly, and final clean up. Or focus on outreach and promotion for our events and programs. At bigger events, be part of the team getting tea and food ready, setting up chairs, registering and greeting people who participate in our programs. 

Brown Bag Team: On the second Friday each month, help prepare hearty lunches with our Brown Bag volunteers, and go out in small teams to deliver food to people on the street in need.           Other ways to help Brown Bags: Contact local merchants for donations of food and other supplies. Or make a big kettle of soup on Thursday and connect with us to take it out and distribute that Friday. 

Winter Warming: During the year, visit knitting shops to tell them about our project and ask if they would host a knitting group, or donate leftover yarns, post a flyer or host a donation basket in their store November-January. October–December, place posters and handflyers in bookshops, cafes, grocery stores, and other local businesses located near our dropsites. 

Outreach: Help the wider community learn about Living Earth. Contact neighborhood newspapers and suggest an interview with our director. Post our event information on neighborhood social media sites or your own pages on sites. Drop info cards or post flyers at cafes and local businesses in Portland. And if you have other ideas, please let us know! 

Contact us on the form below if you have questions or if you have other ways in which you'd like to support Living Earth. We're all in this together on this little blue pearl, and we need each other. Thank you!

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