Loving, Living, and Dying

Our Loving, Living, and Dying programs offers opportunities to look deeply at the questions and challenges we face in these fields.  

The reality of death and the enormity of what it means to be alive are intimately bound together by love. 

When asked what is the span of a human life, the Buddha is said to have replied, “The span of an inbreath and outbreath.”  The circle of life and death challenges us to face mystery, as well as practical, poignant, and profound issues that our society does not address well.  

Living Earth offers workshops, conversations, and retreats that invite us to explore this territory that holds joy and beauty, grief and sorrow, nuts and bolts, fear and pain, and wonder and love.


Workshops and Retreats

We offer workshops and retreats that provide the opportunity to explore the inherent paradox of life's beauty and instability, and the inevitability of change, trauma, loss, grief, and death.


Community Conversations

An open space and a quiet time to connect and reflect. Join us to light a candle, enjoy the company of kindred spirits, and rest your heart. 


Upcoming Events: