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We envision a world where kindness, creativity, and compassion nourish everyone and no one is left out.

We offer opportunities to explore, expand, and live into that vision, using contemplative practices and creative tools. Those tools nurture insight, kindness, and courage to address the suffering, confusion, and pain in our hearts, in society, and in the planet itself.

We encourage skillful means for confronting the fear, extremism, and injustice that endanger the world. We sit, chant, and reflect together. We dive in the river where love, connection, beauty, and joy tumble and flow with grief, change, and impermanence. We celebrate and break bread, laugh and learn, listen and grow, walking the path that leads us all home.

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Our Programs

Our programs encourage heart-centered exploration of the interior and exterior aspects of life, to support skillful responses to the challenges of our time. Creative and compassionate perspectives emerge, bringing fresh understanding of the problems and possibilities that the world presents.

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Connect & Engage

Come to a potluck or community gathering. Attend a meditation, dharma circle, a workshop or retreat. Lend a hand to ease suffering, or join conversations that spark the clarity, courage, and love needed to mend our broken world. Drop-in friends, regular members, and long-time supporters all strengthen our capacity to serve and to grow. Everyone is welcome here.

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